Is Bitcoin really worth its hype ?

The Hype around Bitcoin is enormous these day as BitCoin Price touching new heights every day, every month. But is it really worth to buy BitCoin at whopping $14,008.43+(at the time of writing this article) ? Read to find out.
For many, Bitcoin is an asset and for many Bitcoin is a Game Changer and for many Bitcoin is a Fortune and to many Bitcoin is the curse. Everyone has their own views and thoughts regarding Bitcoin, every New channel or a Newspaper in all major countries  are writing about Bitcoin in local media. Now everyone is interested in Bitcoin and want to make living out of Bitcoin trading & now, for many BitCoin is the new gold (though it surpasses Gold without any underlying asset).
What is BitCoin ?
Bitcoin was invented  almost a decade ago with an intention to enable peer to peer fund transfers by giving a touch of anonymity to both Sender and Receiver which means no names, no Bank Codes,No Paper work, No account number, No middle men, No Exchange rates and No Regulat…

BitCoin and its Myths

Bitcoins are all over the market and internet these days touching $18,000+ (and counting) on trading platforms. But all that you see and listen about bitcoin are not true to its core. We are trying to bring few myths and facts of Bitcoins to you :
bitcoin myths and facts

Zero BitCoin Transaction Fee :

Transfer of BitCoins from one account to another account is not completely free, they collect mining fee (transaction fee) for movement of Funds, sometimes these fees are much higher than what your Bank Charges

Anyone Can Bitcoin :

Gone are the days where miners can be able to mine bitcoin with a CPU, but now you need to build BitCoin Mining Rigs with GPU's, still mining is not profitable 

Instant Funds Credit :

One of the biggest myth is that Funds from one account to another account is instant. However this is not true, higher you are ready to pay mining fee the faster the funds reach and vice-verssa