Common Facts Vs Myths

We are sharing few common facts vs myths. Hope you enjoy the below
Myth : Salt water boils quick Fact : salt water has a higher boiling point and so takes longer

Myth :  Carrots help you see in the dark Fact : carrots contain vitamin A or retinol which is required to synthesis rhodopsin, the pigment in your eyes that operates in low-light conditions

Myth : The capital of Australia is Sydney Fact  :  Capital of Australia is Canberra.

Myth : Tomato is a vegetable Fact : No, It is a fruit

Myth : A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds Fact : Goldfish has very good memory than many other fishes.

Myth : Dropping a penny from the Empire State Building would kill someone Fact : A penny in free fall will never have the trajectory or speed to kill a person.

Myth : Coffee is made from Bean Fact : Coffee is made from Seeds

BitCoin and its Myths

Bitcoins are all over the market and internet these days touching $18,000+ (and counting) on trading platforms. But all that you see and listen about bitcoin are not true to its core. We are trying to bring few myths and facts of Bitcoins to you :
bitcoin myths and facts

Zero BitCoin Transaction Fee :

Transfer of BitCoins from one account to another account is not completely free, they collect mining fee (transaction fee) for movement of Funds, sometimes these fees are much higher than what your Bank Charges

Anyone Can Bitcoin :

Gone are the days where miners can be able to mine bitcoin with a CPU, but now you need to build BitCoin Mining Rigs with GPU's, still mining is not profitable 

Instant Funds Credit :

One of the biggest myth is that Funds from one account to another account is instant. However this is not true, higher you are ready to pay mining fee the faster the funds reach and vice-verssa