Free Open Source Software's :: Daily Use Apps

While Everyone is living in this digital world, a day in office or at move Home wont move without usage of Computer. Though many of the applications are licensed software's where  one is expected to pay a bomb for purchasing Product Keys of licensed versions. Purchasing License may not be a one-time payment at times you may need to pay for renewal as well. But there are huge list of applications which are completely Open Sourced and Free to Use. 
Giving you list of few software's :
Operating System : Almost all Linux System (except for Enterprise Grade) editions are available at free of Cost and Download. Interested Persons may contribute a small amount of Donation towards on-going support for the community of developers and maintenance. But None will insist on Donations. If you are under the impression Linux Operating Systems are Techies then you are wrong. Absolute beginners can start with Linux OS with their beautiful GUI.
Suggested OS : Ubuntu,Elementary, OpenSuse,Mint Alterna…

Top Windows Alternatives

Agreed that Windows Operating system is the undisputed king of Desktop/laptop Operating system and is widely used across the globe by consumers largely Offices, students, households etc., And many of us don't know any other Operating system other than Window
Windows Alternative
OS. One good thing with Windows operating system is that they constantly provide security patches and updates to OS features. From Windows 10 they have given free upgrade from Window 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 without any additional cost, even they have given this offer to pirated OS users. Windows, acclaimed to be one of the most Pirated OS on the planet, that may be the reason it has become a household name now. But what If there are Operations Systems that available for free download and you will get Long Term Support without any additional cost and please don't be under the impression that these are just any other OS, 90% of Company and Super Computer grade servers are being maintained on Linux//Unix based Servers for their stability and security features.

Here are the list of top 3 Operating Systems that can be used as Windows Alternative :

Ubuntu :

Ubuntu is an Open Source Operating System developed for Computers,Laptops, Servers,Mobile (though services got ended now). Ubuntu is based on Linux OS and Debian based architecture. Best of Ubuntu Operating System is that you need not to be a tech geek
to install application on Ubuntu OS, as software updater will take care of your new installations and updates to existing software.

Ubuntu Comes with preinstalled software's which will take care of your basic needs like creating documents, presentations etc., with Libre bundle and you will get Mozilla Firefox installed in it to take care of internet needs, if required you can install Google Chrome too.

Ubuntu can be downloaded from their official website

Debian :

Debian is one of the most oldest linux version developed with an inspiration from Unix based systems and is truly open source OS.  Debian too comes many inbuilt features like
Libre office, Mozilla, MP3 player, Image editor and Video player to take care of all your basic needs.

For developers, Debian provides more than requested feature with more than 50000 packages and continuous on going support. Support in Debian is almost free , mail sent for support to mailing list will get a revert within 15 minutes by the developers unlike Call center where request will always be forwarded to Tech teams for additional details.

Debian can be downloaded for Free from their official website

Mint :

If you are one of the guy who like the scent of Window interface then Linux Mint is the right Operating system for you. Linux Mint is developed based on Ubuntu Operating system but
with look and Feel of Windows. For users who want to switch their operating system for Windows or Mac to Linux then Linux Mint is the OS, where their search should end.

Most of the applications like Banshee player, VLC Media Player, Libre Office etc., are supported . Linux Mint is regarded as one of the best OS for entry level users till date.

Linux Mint OS can be downloaded from their official website

While these are few OS, that are easy to use, there are other OS like Fedora, Open SUSE etc., which provides best in class enterprise grade experience, for which you may need to pay fee based on service you are opting for.

One of the best advantage of Linux based systems is that you can use OS, without installation from your USB stick. As most of the Operating Systems are free to download you can chose to donate to community as token of appreciation for providing a Free OS as well as continuous support.