Is Bitcoin really worth its hype ?

The Hype around Bitcoin is enormous these day as BitCoin Price touching new heights every day, every month. But is it really worth to buy BitCoin at whopping $14,008.43+(at the time of writing this article) ? Read to find out.
For many, Bitcoin is an asset and for many Bitcoin is a Game Changer and for many Bitcoin is a Fortune and to many Bitcoin is the curse. Everyone has their own views and thoughts regarding Bitcoin, every New channel or a Newspaper in all major countries  are writing about Bitcoin in local media. Now everyone is interested in Bitcoin and want to make living out of Bitcoin trading & now, for many BitCoin is the new gold (though it surpasses Gold without any underlying asset).
What is BitCoin ?
Bitcoin was invented  almost a decade ago with an intention to enable peer to peer fund transfers by giving a touch of anonymity to both Sender and Receiver which means no names, no Bank Codes,No Paper work, No account number, No middle men, No Exchange rates and No Regulat…

Iphone @ ₹7777, Is not so best deal. Read to find why

Airtel has announced an exclusive Iphone Offers for those who love Iphone and can't afford due to its extravagant pricing in Indian Market. Airtel want to capture this segment where most of the users of either youngsters or job goers at early stage of their career by offering Iphone 7 at an unbelievable price of ₹7777 with an Monthly rental of ₹2499. For many this is a dream come true offer to own their Piece cake in  Iphone Mania , but is it really worth for buying an Iphone with monthly rental of ₹2499 ? Lets find out.

Airtel IPhone Offer

Current Market price of Iphone 7 32gb edition is priced at ₹39,999 (at the time of writing om Flipkart, inclusive of discounts excluding HDFC CC offer giving extra 10% discount) , assuming we are taking unlimited calls + 1GB data per day offer from airtel priced @₹399 we will be ending up in paying extra ₹10000 in a span of toe years. So now if look at the total cost for same offer iphone 7 32GB edition will cost you ₹49,999.

If same Iphone 7 is taken from Airtel , you will be paying ₹7777 upfront and ₹2499 monthly for next 24 months , where we will ended up in paying ₹59967 to Airtel , with unlimited calls and 1GB data per day offer. 

From the above calculation it is clear that "there is no free lunch". All we need to do is to chose wisely between betweens the plans which suits you better