Common Facts Vs Myths

We are sharing few common facts vs myths. Hope you enjoy the below
Myth : Salt water boils quick Fact : salt water has a higher boiling point and so takes longer

Myth :  Carrots help you see in the dark Fact : carrots contain vitamin A or retinol which is required to synthesis rhodopsin, the pigment in your eyes that operates in low-light conditions

Myth : The capital of Australia is Sydney Fact  :  Capital of Australia is Canberra.

Myth : Tomato is a vegetable Fact : No, It is a fruit

Myth : A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds Fact : Goldfish has very good memory than many other fishes.

Myth : Dropping a penny from the Empire State Building would kill someone Fact : A penny in free fall will never have the trajectory or speed to kill a person.

Myth : Coffee is made from Bean Fact : Coffee is made from Seeds

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