$4 Wireless Charger for Mobile ? How Good is it

Everyone would have faced the problem while charging mobile with Cables and at one point of time, there would be a thought to get rid of the cables while charging. 
With the technology currently available though Wifi like Charging is not available for mobiles, charging can be done by placing the mobiles on the dock with no further connections to mobile. Which gives us a hope that, one day your mobile, My Mobile and every other mobile out there will get charged wireless even without any dock functionality.
For now, Lets review the wireless Charger that I have brought in AliExpress at $4 for Samsung S7 Mobile and it took almost 45 days to reach my place. Though packaging is not great with Amazon style boxes but contents of the packet is safe  and are not damaged.
There was an USB Cable and wireless charging Dock, once initial setup is ready i.e., connecting to dock to USB cable to charging port. All I done is just placing the mobile on Wireless Charging Dock and auto charging of mobile sta…

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