Is Bitcoin really worth its hype ?

The Hype around Bitcoin is enormous these day as BitCoin Price touching new heights every day, every month. But is it really worth to buy BitCoin at whopping $14,008.43+(at the time of writing this article) ? Read to find out.
For many, Bitcoin is an asset and for many Bitcoin is a Game Changer and for many Bitcoin is a Fortune and to many Bitcoin is the curse. Everyone has their own views and thoughts regarding Bitcoin, every New channel or a Newspaper in all major countries  are writing about Bitcoin in local media. Now everyone is interested in Bitcoin and want to make living out of Bitcoin trading & now, for many BitCoin is the new gold (though it surpasses Gold without any underlying asset).
What is BitCoin ?
Bitcoin was invented  almost a decade ago with an intention to enable peer to peer fund transfers by giving a touch of anonymity to both Sender and Receiver which means no names, no Bank Codes,No Paper work, No account number, No middle men, No Exchange rates and No Regulat…

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