Free Open Source Software's :: Daily Use Apps

While Everyone is living in this digital world, a day in office or at move Home wont move without usage of Computer. Though many of the applications are licensed software's where  one is expected to pay a bomb for purchasing Product Keys of licensed versions. Purchasing License may not be a one-time payment at times you may need to pay for renewal as well. But there are huge list of applications which are completely Open Sourced and Free to Use. 
Giving you list of few software's :
Operating System : Almost all Linux System (except for Enterprise Grade) editions are available at free of Cost and Download. Interested Persons may contribute a small amount of Donation towards on-going support for the community of developers and maintenance. But None will insist on Donations. If you are under the impression Linux Operating Systems are Techies then you are wrong. Absolute beginners can start with Linux OS with their beautiful GUI.
Suggested OS : Ubuntu,Elementary, OpenSuse,Mint Alterna…

Android One - Future of Smartphone market

Gone are the days, where hardware was the USP for mobile manufactures. Higher the specs, higher the price and higher the selling rate. With entry of Chinese Manufactures and low production costs,  Hardware is no more a USP for any manufacturers which is making to turn manufacturing companies focus on to Software.

Apple knows it for long time, Hardware is a factor that helps sale of  the product but software is the key to retain the customer for a very long time and for that very particular reason you wont find much fancy hardware on Apple Mobiles but a series of Continuous updates to its OS. As an average you can expect a 3years software updates on I-Phones, further which slows down the mobile.

But when it comes to Android, being an Open-source software from Search Giant Google, many mobile manufacturers uses their Android OS but very few like Nexus Series, Motorola, Samsung etc., will provide on-going support to OS upgrades that too a maximum of two Major upgrades on higher side(If Mobiles are considered as their flagships, not all mobiles in same brand will get updates). And few manufacturers will just forget to provide any updates or any security patches released by Android. 

Now, with rapidly changing dynamics and Apple being taking on its Rivals on all Major Smartphone markets, Companies started thinking on to provide a long term support not only in terms of Hardware but also in terms of Software under Android One project which has been ambitiously started by Google to provide on-going software support for all Android one mobiles by giving Major Updates(next two versions of OS update) and the mobiles which will get manufactured under Android One Project will come with near Stock Android experience with regular security patches and will be the first in class mobiles to receive next OS upgrade.

This is definitely a good move by Google and its Manufacturing partners like Micromax, Motorola, Xiaomi for bringing Android One features to low and mid range smartphone.