Common Facts Vs Myths

We are sharing few common facts vs myths. Hope you enjoy the below
Myth : Salt water boils quick Fact : salt water has a higher boiling point and so takes longer

Myth :  Carrots help you see in the dark Fact : carrots contain vitamin A or retinol which is required to synthesis rhodopsin, the pigment in your eyes that operates in low-light conditions

Myth : The capital of Australia is Sydney Fact  :  Capital of Australia is Canberra.

Myth : Tomato is a vegetable Fact : No, It is a fruit

Myth : A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds Fact : Goldfish has very good memory than many other fishes.

Myth : Dropping a penny from the Empire State Building would kill someone Fact : A penny in free fall will never have the trajectory or speed to kill a person.

Myth : Coffee is made from Bean Fact : Coffee is made from Seeds

Doklam Standoff - War imminent ?

It's been more than two months, both Indian and Chinese Forces having a eye-to-eye stand off in Doklam, due to road construction work taken up by China in disputed area where Bhutan has raised an objection on this and India has taken the side of its ally in protecting Bhutan Interest since this road construction in this area will provide security threats to Indian territory as well.

As news spread  by Chinese media,  A war between India and China is imminent due to Doklam Standoff, but this war will never going to happen. How this stand off will create Geo-Eco-Political Impact on China and India, who gains and who lose ?

The Unexpected : China has started construction of Road in Disputed area of Dhoklam pertains to Bhutan, which will create a serious security threat to both Bhutan and India. Since Bhutan is not maintaining healthy relationship with China, Bhutan has taken Indian Channel to close this issue. As a Bhutan Ally, India has sent the troops to Dhoklam Area which was not expected by China and China haven't anticipated such a long Stand off by Indian Armed Forces. 
Dhoklam Standoff

Matured Handling : Even India is having disputes with Pakistan where daily shootouts are common on either side of the border. On contrary, not even a single bullet fired in Dhoklam standoff. According to top US expert "It is behaving as the mature power and making China look like the adolescent throwing a temper tantrum". India has even asked Chinese side to withdraw troops from both sides simultaneously to which China has denied, which is showing how childishly China is behaving while other parties are trying to resolve the disputes. Fear of China at the moment is that, if China withdraw its troops it may send a weak message about Chinese Might to its neighbors where it is having disputes.
Dhoklam Standoff
pic : just an illustration 

Psychological warfare : Chinese State run Media is giving a dozen warnings to India and Indian Army to withdraw troops from Dhoklam area without which China will declare war on India. Neither India nor its troops seems to care about these warnings. By issuing a dozen warnings a day and by getting them published in Indian Media, China is trying to create pressure on Indian side to which India is not responding much. Here India Wins!!

War and Its Impact: If at all war is going to happen, though China might win War but it will get devastated in terms of Economy and its political strength. China has established itself as world factory from needle to Mobiles to Tv's almost everything is being produced in China, without exports China is not going to survive or feed its army. Indian Navy is the undisputed king of Indian Ocean, block the ocean, blocks exports there by cutting oxygen supply to China. Also, by firing its first bullet, China may lose its ground infront of International community and there by labeling itself as an War-Mongering Nation, since it is having disputes with all of its countries, other countries might join the war against China which will be another blow to China.

China might be having largest standing army and having sheer powers in terms of weaponry and sub marines . But India is having the experience in handling the weapons  and have wide variety of weapons in its arsenal. In hilly areas it is said that aggressor should have 10 :1 strength and on flat terrains at a ratio of 3:1 either way China is going to lose much than what it is anticipated. It might be having more number of fighter planes but Indian side is having best in class  experienced pilots who constantly participates in exercise with different nations and Navy, India is at its best where China is still lagging behind Indian Navy despite having more number sub marines when compared to its counter part